Jane Beatty and company ripped me off too

Monroe, Michigan 1 comment
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I was ripped off for $990.00 and I am fuming.. Jane Beatty deserves to be in jail. Anyone who trusts these people with there money after reading the many reports against them is very careless with there money. It has been 11 months since my purchase now and I too have spent countless hours trying to get my money back. It is amazing to me that we live in a world where crooks like this are roaming the streets and not behind bars. It also amazes me that she is still in business and there may be people out there who would read reports like this and still buy. From now on I'm checking a company's background on the internet before I buy anything out of state.

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Jane Beatty from Jane Jane tshirts in Boca Raton Florida ? She is a thief !

Jane Beatty and Company ripped me off

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I too have been ripped off by Jane Beatty and company.We sent them $880.00 for T-Shirts that have never been delivered.

Promised us for a bout 3 months and now there is no answer from anyone. This is a fraudulent company in my opinion that no one should purchase anything from. At this point I have contacted the BBB the FTC and now posting this complaint as well. Please beware as I would not want this fraudulent compny to get you as they have me.

I have wasted countless hours trying to resolve this with no success.

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